Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One scary morning!

  To give some background information, a week ago Monkey got his 15 month immunizations. The nurse that gave him the shots said that one of them could have a delayed reaction of about a he might get a fever about a week down the road.  Well....the night before last he got this so called fever. We didnt really think much about it. Gave him some tylenol and put him to bed. He had a rough night of waking up a lot but went back to sleep. The fever went down and "all was well."
  He slept super late the next morning because he hadn't slept well during the night. I got him up at about 10...set him on the changing table to change his diaper before we got breakfast together. I noticed something wierd that should not be happening. His left arm was just sitting by his side not moving at all! I lifted it up to see if he would catch just dropped back down to the table. We ran into the kitchen and grabbed his sippy cup to see if he could hold that. He couldn't grab anything in his hand! I was starting to get just a little freaked out by now!! He couldnt hold his cup, crawl, hold a toy, move his I called the hubby. He told me what I figured he would....."call his Doc. "
  Ring Ring....."I'm sorry, his doctor is out of the office this afternoon." Well, his pediatrician is a family friend so I called his cellphone....didn't answer. So I called his wife....she gave me the number to page him. Right as I was about to page him his nurse called me back told me that they would squeeze him in right away. (So I guess that the receptionist was on crack when she said that he was out of the office!)
  We drove to the doctor (in the freezing rain.....of course) got checked in and went back to the examining room after a little bit. While we were waiting for the Doc to come in I set him down of the floor so that he could walk around for a few minutes, he was getting pretty antsy and frustrated. By this time he was starting to use his arm a little bit. He could grab one of the large tongue depressors in his hand and more it around a little bit. That was a lot better than before. I handed him my phone (in his right hand) he grabbed it and slowly moved it to his left hand. It didnt drop! Even better!
  After a few minutes the doctor came in to see him. After checking him over he asks "has he fallen recently" "does he have any bruises on his arm" As the Doc was checking him out he was happy as a lark and "of course" using his arm....not completely normal yet but 90% better than an hour before.
  Well, it turns out that the ligament in his elbow had most likely gotten dislocated and i guess just slipped back in right before the Doc came in to the room. He said that it could have happened if we lifted him up by one arm (whick i know for a fact that we didnt). So we have no clue what happened....and how his elbow got dislocated. But of course it went back in RIGHT before the doc came in (you sneeky little booger!!!) I guess that he just wanted to go and see his doctor this morning :)
  So needless to say.....we had a long, hard morning yesterday. I was thinking of all the horrible things that had "happened" to my son.  Thinking that he had some horrible reaction to the shot and was never going to be able to use his arm again. Of course, as the freaked out mama I couldnt think of the simple fixes like a dislocated elbow. It never even crossed my mind! But....thank God that it was a simple fix and now my precious little man can play with both arms, hold his cup, and give mama a hug without any trouble.

                    taken on the one warm day before the nastyness


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so scary. I would have freaked out. That really makes me think twice about picking Lucy up by her arms and giving her a little swing. We don't do it often or long, just a little lift and swing up onto a sidewalk or something like that.

    But that's great it went back in and he wasn't having a severe shot reaction or anything that could have been worse.


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