Friday, June 11, 2010

From crib to big boy bed

Monkey is getting to the age where we need to start looking for a toddler for him.  We looked around on and found a wonderful selection of beds, including a toddler bed.  Especially with a baby on the way his crib is going to be taken over by the baby, and I really don't want to have to deal with a new baby and transitioning him into a "big boy bed." It is so hard finding the right bed that will work for us along with bedding that will go with the room and our other baby bedding in the crib. What will make it even more complicated is that if we have a girl they will be in the same room for a little while so we will have to get bedding that it boyish and others thats girly.....but that go together.

Does anyone have any advice on whether to get a toddler bed or just a twin size bed. If we do a toddler bed we can just use the mattress from his crib for his new bed, but if we do a twin bed we will have to buy a new mattress (well I guess that we will have to buy one anyway since there will be two beds.......). Which kind is easier for transitioning?? And how long will they be in a toddler bed before getting to big and having to move them to a twin bed anyway??

I found some really cute twin beds on with some super cute Kids Furniture and also of course I had to look at the super cute childrens clothing that they have.  For those of you that have gone through the transitioning do you guys have any advice on how to make the transition from crib to big boy bed easier and which size worked better for you??


  1. We transitioned our oldest to a twin bed with a step stool. It was the bottom of a bunk bed so it already had a side rail, but he did wonderfully.
    I think you just have to look at your child's temperament. Would he be overwhelmed by such a huge change? Would he really embrace having a big bed as a big boy? If you really play up that he's a big boy he may love it.
    Or, to transition to a bed, you might be able to just take off the side rail that moves up and down to let him get used to getting in and out of bed on his own.
    It's great that you're planning this now so he doesn't have issues when your new little one arrives.
    Good luck! The transition will probably take a few nights, and nap time will probably be longer.
    Good luck!

  2. You'll have to buy a mattress for the toddler bed, anyway, since you'll be using the crib mattress for the new baby!

    Our situation is our boys are 21 months apart. We transitioned my oldest son into the big bed BEFORE baby number 2 was born in February. We transitioned him around Christmas time, so he wouldn't have the transition of new baby and new bed all at once.

    We transitioned our 2 year old into a double bed. We didnt want to get rid of our guest bed, so we just put him right from the crib into the big bed (with child safety rails). The transition was not a big deal at all. He didn't have any problems.

    We also got a toddler bed for our 2nd son for next year(yard sale find, couldn't pass it up! only 10 dollars!). The reason we got a toddler bed was because of space issues. The nursery is VERY small and a twin bed does not fit in there comfortably. So to "buy" us more time before the boys have to share a room, I thought that a toddler bed would fit more comfortably into that teeeeeny room. And also, if we do have another child, the toddler bed would fit better into my oldest's room in addition to the double bed, while the crib can remain in the teeny nursery.

  3. We received a twin bed free as a family hand me down so our son went straight to twin size when we gave him his big boy bed.

    As far as transition goes, he was thrilled to get a new bed, so it was easy for us. One huge factor though, I think, is the tent we put over his bed. I think tents on a bed make everything more fun. Ikea has a pretty cool kids bed with a canopy you should check out.

  4. We will have JDaniel move to a twin bed. It is what we have. I am a little nervous about its height off the ground.

  5. I haven't made the transition yet myself (not pregnant yet, so no hurry). Here are some things to think about #1-if you get a toddler bed and just use the mattress for him, then you will have to buy another crib mattress for the baby. Right? Then in a few months you'll have to buy a twin bed and have 2 crib/toddler mattresses. Wouldn't it make more sense financially to just go ahead and get the twin and leave the crib alone? #2-you might just consider putting the twin bed on the floor until he gets used to it and quits falling out of it then put the frame up. #3 as for the coloring? you could just use bright primary colors and not worry about 'girly'. I don't have 'girly' stuff for my girl, I have primary colors and neutrals and it's perfectly fine. I didn't get a bumper/frilly set for her bed, just used crib sheets, and those are inexpensive enough to trade out, should you get a chance to have them NOT sharing a room and WANT frilly/pink (for a girl). Another option of course is just to not care if they 'don't go' considering no one would really expect boy and girl things to go together. You could draw a line down the room and paint it half and half, but again, who would expect you to do that, you know? There is a TON of twin bedding that is fairly neutral (as in it's dark blue on one side and blue checked on the other) so it would 'go' with just about any theme for the walls and decor, such as BUGS--creepy crawlies for him, dragonflies and butterflies for her--assuming you'll have a girl, if you have 2 boys, no sweat. Since he is fairly young I would suggest one of those waterproof mattress covers for his twin bed so that it will last into his teen years. Enjoy! I will be doing the same thing one of these days!

  6. I've gone both routes with my kids and I have to say going straight to a twin was the better choice for us. The twin bed is going to work for years to come and you have to eventually buy one anyway when they grow out of the toddler bed. You will have many more bedding options making any matching with the new baby's bedding much easier. You can just put the mattress on the floor without a bed frame for a bit while your child gets used to being in a big boy bed. If they get scared, want a story read to them or a night time snuggle it is much easier to lay down with them in a twin bed. ;) HTH!

  7. We're going to be transitioning soon too, I think. We tried but it didn't go over so well yet.
    We had to get a toddler bed though because the room is too small to fit a twin bed plus the crib and dresser and all the other stuff we have in it comfortably. If you find a good technique for transitioning, let me know! We may just be borrowing a friends crib for awhile


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